Embracing Change, Preserving  Integrity Services

Advocacy Speaking:                           

Keynotes Addresses and Presentations

Educating & Facilitating:            

Workshops, seminars, forums, focus groups, World Cafe conversations for campus and community


Embracing Change and Preserving Academic Integrity: (Academics, Student Services, Social Capital, Community)

Designing Tools:                             

First Generation Friendly Campus Designation, surveys, communication audits, reports, rubrics, measurements

Advocacy Speaking:  Keynote Addresses & Presentations

Dr. Joyce Banjac is available for keynote presentations concerning institutional disruption, institutional character, and higher education stratification among other topics.

Dr. Joyce Banjac speaking to the Ohio Conference of Business and Professional Women

Dr. Joyce Banjac speaking to the Ohio Conference of Business and Professional Women

Educating and Facilitating: Workshops, Forums, Retreats, Focus-Group, New Curriculum Design

The Foundation offers workshops, seminars, focus groups, events, forums and retreats to work with the entire campus and community to facilitate and foster change.  Education services includes curriculum design and meeting with subject matter experts to design new curriculum, analysis of educational and academic offerings.

Consulting: Embracing Change, Preserving Integrity(Academics, Student Services & Community)

Foundation consultants tap into the expertise of the campus and the community to assess the collegiate higher education system,  deepen understanding of challenges and opportunities, strengthen collective action, identify cultural strengths for maximum leverage and to invigorate the academy’s commitment to shared, and inclusive governance.  The Knowledge Transfer Process, depicted below, is a community model designed by Dr. Veronica Z. Kalich and Dr. Joyce A. Banjac, copyright (c) 2004.



Presidents and administrators, board members and professors—the entire collegiate community—are a curious lot—always asking questions, considering options, mulling over strategies.

But what are the right questions?  Who should answer them?

For starters–how do we remain true to our ideals?  How do we sustain our academic legacies in an era of disruptive, chaotic, change?  How do we innovate when resources are dwindling and institutional cultures have grown complacent?

Let’s state the obvious:

Good questions matter.

And answers?

The answers are right in front of us.  Hidden, maybe, but they already exist.


Professors and part-time clerks and custodians, cafeteria servers and grounds crew have the answers. They know the institution’s strengths and weakness like the back of their hands.  It is the dean, the distance learning guru, and overworked administrator who have the real skinny on the place.

When faced with the right questions, they devise the right answers.

They know where the jewels of opportunities are hidden.

They know how the institution’s tiny little oversights have mushroomed into invasive threats.

The question is not…”How can we disrupt our “business” model?  For that question, there are plenty of consultants armed with answers.

The First Generation Foundation is not interested in asking that type of question.

But a question that gets to the heart of the matter?

How can we preserve our ideals and leverage our academic heritage in an era of turbulence and change and declining resources?

Our First Generation Foundation higher education consultants includes the campus and the community in answer these questions.

Our facilitator brings people together to ask the right questions, to consider possibilities, and to answer the questions in a way that invigorates proactive change.

What do we do?

The First Generation Foundation fee-based consultation:

  • Brings people together who may not normally meet and share.
  • Introduces higher education sector change.
  • Clarifies the institutional vision, mission and values.
  • Involves all in asking the right questions and seeking the right answers.

How do we do it?

By invigorating institutional culture and strengthening connections between and among faculty and staff, freeing questions and liberating answers.

We blend info-graphics, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café-style conversations, and focus-group style moderation into our sessions.

Designing Tools: Communication Audits, First Generation Friendly Campus Designation                                   

The Foundation advances a methodology for advancing collegiate and community support of first-generation college students.  Through the First Generation Friendly Campus Designation, surveys, communication audits, reports, rubrics, and measurements, the campus and community will progress toward a more inclusive environment.