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Why a traditional college education versus vocational training?

Inspirational Message (Aim high) (Celebrities)

College Resources: Open Source & Free (Khan, MIT) (MOOC’s)

First Generation Friendly Colleges/Universities

Scholarships (Need-based, academic, athletic, first-generation)

Stick-with-it Inspirational Message

Academically Rigorous

Learning and teaching styles

For-Profit and Career Colleges and Vocational Education

Resources (Open Source & Free (Khan& MIT)


Social Capital


College Student Clubs


Carnegie Classification

Principles of Academic Freedom

Syllabus as Contract (Read fine print)

Grade Appeals

Part-time or Full-time attendance

Academic rank (tenure or not)

Faculty Unions

In-Person or In-the-Cloud

Administrators and Staff

College Relationships Today and Tomorrow

Academic Rigor

Accreditation: Regional or National, Institutional or Program

Financial Aid Good, Bad &Ugly

Return to Title III

Academic Honesty


Career Planning and Career Launch


College Students